Souvenirs & Gifts

Don't forget to pick up a special memento at Winterfell Castles 'Armory & Forge'......pledge your allegiance to House Stark! 

Winterfell Castle Game of Thrones 2

Film Locations Scroll Map

Castle Ward Demesne was used extensively for filming Game of Thrones. This authentic scroll map pinpoints each filming location used onsite with a little Stark flag, and also includes a descriptive interpretation of each locations scene. An exclusive memento only available in the 'Armory & Forge' at Winterfell Castle.   
Winterfell Castle Game of Thrones 3

Direwolf Pendant Necklace

Handmade in the Winterfell Castle by our in house artist, this lovely pendant is of the House Stark Direwolf sigil. An exclusive memento only available in the 'Armory & Forge' at Winterfell Castle. 
Winterfell Castle Game of Thrones 4

Eddard Stark Half-Groat 

Approved by George R.R Martin himself, this unique coin is beautifully made for Winterfell. It features Eddard Stark on the front, the Direwolf sigil on the reverse and comes in a presentation sleeve. An exclusive collectible available in the 'Armory & Forge' at Winterfell Castle. 
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When planning your trip to Winterfell Castle & Demesne we recommend at least 3 hours onsite so you have enough time to explore & fully immerse yourself in the mood of the North and this stunning location (Game of Thrones Tour Belfast)
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